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ExtendCrisps White Cheddar Naturally Flavored

Extend Nutrition


New product

A clever snack! Light and delicious, crisp chips with a taste of cheddar cheese with a low glycemic index IG and high protein content - up to 8g per serving - help maintain stable blood sugar levels. Smaller fluctuations in the glucose level make it easier to control hunger and extend the feeling of fullness for up to 9 hours!

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Weight net. 32g.; 21,66 pln/100g.

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ExtendCrisps were created to stabilize your blood sugar levels for up to 9 hours! Their patented formula * causes slow release of carbohydrates for 7 to 9 hours so that, unlike ordinary snacks, you will not be threatened by blood sugar spikes and wolf-hunger attacks.

Clinical studies have shown that ExtendCrisps helps:

  •     better control hunger by reducing appetite
  •     to reduce fluctuations in blood sugar levels
  •     prevent low blood sugar levels, even during the night of rest
  •     maintain a high level of energy during physical exercise and regeneration

How is this possible? It was shown during the tests of continuous glucose control that only 8g of 16g ​​of carbohydrates contained in the ExtendCrisps portion are released within a short time after eating, affecting the blood sugar level. The remaining carbohydrates (3g fiber and uncooked corn starch) are released gradually and slowly and have only a minimal effect on the level of sugar in the blood.

The most important information about ExtendCrisps:

  •     low glycemic index IG
  •     high protein content - up to 8g per serving
  •     an excellent source of protein and fiber
  •     0g fat tans
  •     only natural ingredients

* The ExtendCrisps production process is covered by US patents 5,843,921; 5,05,893; 6534.487; 6,339,076 and 6,905,702.

Porcja 32 g W 100 g
130.00 406.30
552.60 1,726.80
4.00 12.50
16.00 50.00
8.00 25.00
3.00 9.40
160.00 500.00
400.00 1,250.00

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ExtendCrisps White Cheddar Naturally Flavored - Chips naturally flavored with a white Cheddar flavor with a low glycemic index, high protein content with gradually released carbohydrates

The product is not suitable for use as a medicine to combat low blood sugar levels after their occurrence. For ill persons, the product can only be consumed after consultation with a diabetologist.

Net weight 32g

Ingredients: Soy (low-fat soy flour, rice flour, salt), uncooked maize starch, high sunflower sunflower oil, white cheddar cheese (a mixture of dehydrated whey, soft cheese, pieces of buttermilk, salt, sodium phosphate, natural aroma, calcium phosphate, citric acid), corn fiber.

Allergens: the product contains soy and milk. The plant is processed wheat.

The product is suitable for vegetarians

Nutritional values ​​per package: 130kcal, 8g protein, 16g carbohydrates, 4g fats, 3g fiber, 0.16g sodium

Manufacturer: made in the USA, distributed by Clinical Products Ltd., St. Louis, MO 63146

Distributor PL: Walden Farms Kornelia Warda-Poniecka, Wola Gołkowska

Storage: store in a dry place.

Due to the fragility of the product, we recommend shipping by post or courier.

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