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Light Sugar Salted Caramel sugar free white chocolate with WPC

Light Sugar


New product

New flavor, new formula - now without lactose!

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Weight net. 100g.; 11,92 pln/100g.

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Main flavor:

No sugar added, lactose-free protein chocolate - white with salted caramel hints.

New Chocolate Light Sugar stormed fitness market! There are many reasons for this, but it is undoubtedly a sensation that they are products without a gram of sugar! After all, who does not love chocolate? And a product that you can eat more often than just a "cheat day" is a dream come true!

Only a few ingredients were used to create the chocolate. The basis of each of them is coconut oil. Due to the fact that the melting point of coconut oil is slightly lower than the body temperature, chocolate can melt in the mouth :) For this reason, Light Sugar chocolate is unique - it contains 100% coconut oil, no added fillers and emulsifiers.

The next component of our chocolate is erytrol. A sweetener which, like xylitol, belongs to the group of polyhydric alcohols. It is a sugar compound, characterized by zero caloricity and the fact that it does not increase the level of glucose in the blood! Therefore, erytrol is an excellent sugar substitute, occurring naturally in fruits (such as pears, melons or grapes), mushrooms, seafood or sea algae. Eritrol is called the healthiest sugar in the world. His grains, however, are smaller, and the erythritol itself is less sweet than sugar. It is estimated that its sweetness reaches 60-70% of the sweetness of sugar. In addition, this sweetener produces a characteristic feeling of coolness in the mouth. A big advantage of erytrol is also the fact that it does not leave a foreign aftertaste in the mouth unlike other sweeteners such as aspartame or sucralose.

Protein chocolate? Maybe this should be called Light Sugar? All this thanks to the addition of protein boost, which enriches these heavenly sweets with a large dose of protein! After all, Light Sugar chocolate has almost three times more protein than traditional chocolate! That's why it's the perfect sweetness especially for active and exercising people. The chocolate which is the source of protein is a delicacy. A rarity that helps care for the balance of protein on both the mass (being the building material from which the body can build muscle) and on reduction, preventing excessive loss of muscle tissue, as well as regulating the feeling of hunger.

Warning! A hand-made, fresh product - has a short shelf life (such as yoghurt, up to a dozen or so days from the day of dispatch), needs to be refrigerated. Please do not order if the delivery lasts longer than 24 hours (international dispatches), the suggested form of delivery in Poland is a courier parcel. In winter, we pack Light Sugar chocolate in several layers of bubble wrap, in the summer it is obligatory to add cooling blocks.

Due to high temperatures and care for the highest quality of products delivered by us in the period from May 10 to September 15, orders containing protein chocolates are sent from Monday to Thursday inclusive; shipping on Friday or the last day before the so-called 'long weekend' is carried out at the explicit request and responsibility of the Customer



Moim zdaniem jedna z najlepszych czekolad firmy LIGHT SUGAR



Generalnie kocham wszystko co związane ze słonym karmelem, ale problem polega na tym, że w Polsce jeszcze mało kto wie jak to zrobić dobrze. Słony karmel ma sens wtedy jak jest słodka masa i w niej grudki soli. Jak się ta sól w karmelu rozpuści, to nie jest fajnie, bo ze słodkiego sosu robi się słony sos. No i właśnie to jest problem tej ceklady, że ona jest cała słona i to dość mocno - a powinna być cała słodka i mieć tylko słone akcenty. Więc ogólnie rozczarowanie, chyba najsłabsza z całej serii - a szkoda, bo mogło być świetnie.


Lekki niedosyt

Słony karmel niestety mnie rozczarował, ponieważ jest nijaki. Ani słony, ani karmelowy. Zdecydowanie lepsze smaki to chałwa, nugat, Ore'Love, cynamonowo-migdałowa. Czekolada nie jest tak twarda jak tradycyjna i latem trzeba ja jesc szybko, bo się topi. Jednak nie jest to nic na minus. Poza tym one sa takie fajne, "chrupkie". Dla ścisłości niepróbowałam żadnych owocowych.


Czekolada - słony karmel

Jadłam już prawie wszystkie smaki tych czekolad,ale ta przebiła wszystkie moje najśmielsze oczekiwania. Smak jest bardzo wyrazisty i fenomenalny. W dodatku jest bez cukru i bez laktozy z naturalnych składników. Poprostu jestem w 7 niebie, jak nie wyżej! Myślałam że poprzednie czekolady LightSugar ze zwykłym mlekiem w proszku były genialne, ale ta na mleku ryżowym to jest cudo. Ta czekolada super się komponuje z kawą z pianką o smaku solonego karmelu( którą także u was niedawno kupiłam bo to nowość). Dla kogoś kto uwielbia ten smak będzie to nowe bogate dla podniebienia doświadczenie. Polecam!

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Light Sugar Słony Karmel - no sugar added, lactose free, protein enriched white chocolate with salted caramel flavor

Net weight: 100g

Ingredients: coconut oil, WPC {whey protein concentrate (milk)}, powdered rice milk, erytrol, Himalayan salt, aroma. Excessive amount can cause a laxative effect.

Alergeny: milk; may contain gluten, nuts, including peanuts, sesame and lactose

Nutritional values per 100g: energy value 2381kJ / 575kcal, fats 46.5g (including saturated fat 38.2g) carbohydrates 15.5g (including sugars 0.2g), protein 25g

Manufactured in Poland by Light Sugar

Storage: Storage: store in a refrigerator at 4-7 degrees.

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