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Cookie Madness - Choc Chip Hazelnut, 2 organic protein cookies

Cookie Madness


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Soft Baked Protein Oat Cookie all the way from South-Africa! Hand made protein cookies with 15-18g protein differ much from all other cookies, cause they only contain organic ingredients. There are NO indsturials sugars, palm fat, no vegetable oils or fructose corn syrup. Cookie Madness use organic grass-fed protein sources, pure organic honey, organic coconut oil and whole grain oats.

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Weight net. 106g.; 9,41 pln/100g.

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Main flavor:

Who says cookies are bad? Certainly not the geniuses at Madness Nutrition! Boasting deliciousness and goodness all in one, Cookie Madness is the perfect treat for curbing your sweet tooth, without the guilt!

Containing a non-GMO, zero trans fat, zero cholesterol, no vegetable oil, and no fructose corn syrup formula, Madness Nutrition Cookie Madness contains 15-18g of grass-fed whey protein and casein per serving. Described as the ultimate protein cookie, this tasty little treat may be small in size, but there’s no denying that it is jam-packed with enough protein and flavour to satiate and satisfy anyone. Featuring a home-baked, handmade cookie rich in flavour and nutrients, this formula will put grandma’s recipe to shame!

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Handmade & Soft Baked Protein Oat Cookie
  • 2 Cookies per pack
  • High Protein Blend - Sourced from Grass-Fed Cows
  • Non-GMO
  • No trans fats
  • No cholesterol
  • No added vegetable oil
  • A healthier chocolate - We know chocolate is a weakness for many, which is why Cookie Madness’ formula contains sugar-free Belgian Chocolate.
  • No fructose corn syrup - The delicious sweetness is the result of Pure Organic Honey and Sweetener Blend.
  • High-quality protein blend - Cookie Madness contains 15-18g of protein per serving.
  • Healthy tropical fats - While the formula contains 0 trans fat, you can rest assured that it is jam-packed with all the healthy fats, such as Organic Coconut Oil!
  • Complex Carbohydrates and High in Fibre - Made from Whole Wheat Oats
  • Sweetened with Pure Organic Honey and Sweetener Blend

As the latest home-baked, handmade protein cookie formula to hit the shelves for Madness Nutrition, you can expect nothing less than high-quality ingredients and undeniable deliciousness. Feed your sweet tooth while staying on track for achieving your health and fitness goals with Madness Nutrition Cookie Madness! This combination makes the cookies very healthy and usefull for everyone. Do not forget the "soft baked" juicy flavors!

Porcja 53 g W 100 g
Energy value
kcal 167.48  kcal 316.00  kcal
Energy value 701.21 1,323.03
Fats, 5.27 9.95
Saturated fats 1.05 1.99
Carbohydrates, 18.46 34.83
sugars 5.63 10.62
polyols 2.98 5.62
Protein 8.51 16.05
Fiber 3.01 5.67
Salt equivalent 1.22 2.30
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Skinny Food Chocolate Fudge Cake zero calorie syrup

Skinny Food Chocolate Fudge Cake zero calorie syrup

Cookie Madness Chocolate Chip Hazelnutty - organic oat protein cakes with hazelnuts, contain sugar and sweeteners

Net weight: 106g (2 cakes)

Ingredients: cookie mix {oat mix (oat powder, chickpea flour, brown rice flour, potato starch, maltodextrin), sugar, castor oil, cocoa powder, cocoa liquor, leavens (sodium bicarbonate, carboxymethylcellulose), aroma ( vanillin), soy protein isolate, preservative (sorbic acid E201), wheat, sweetener (sucralose)}, water, oilcap, topping (pieces of hazelnut, glycerol, organic honey, protein mixture (whey protein concentrate (from milk), a mixture of micellar casein (from milk), aroma, sweetener (sucralose).

Allergens: contains nuts, milk, soy, gluten; may contain other nuts and crustaceans

Nutritional values ​​in 1 portion (106g = 2 cakes): energy value 1402kJ / 335kcal, fats 10.55g (including saturated fatty acids 2.1g), carbohydrates 36.9g (including sugars 11.25g, polyols 5.95g), protein 17 , 01g, fiber 6.01g, salt 2.43g

Nutritional values ​​in 100g: energy value 1321kJ / 316kcal, fats 9.95g (including saturated fatty acids 1.99g), carbohydrates 34.83g (including sugars 10.62g, polyols 5.62g), protein 16.05g, fiber 5.67g , salt 2.3 g

Producer: Made in South Africa by Madness Nutrition, 51 Henwood Road, 3610 Durban, South Africa

Distributor: Walden Farms Kornelia Warda-Poniecka, Wola Gołkowska


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