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5% Nutrition Shake Time No Whey Real Food Protein, Chocolate - 817 grams

Rich Piana


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The passion of the legendary bodybuilder Rich Piana was to promote the diet of athletes based on real whole foods - real, valuable ingredients. Just like the character of their creator, these supplements are unique: dairy-free, lactose-free, but non-vegan protein supplements based on the highest quality mixed animal proteins. No compromises.

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Weight net. 817.5g.; 19,44 pln/100g.

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Rich Piana 5% Nutrition Shake Time No Whey Real Food Protein - non-vegan, but dairy-free and lactose-free protein supplement based on beef protein hydrolyzate, chicken protein and jja protein, enriched with MCT fatty acids. 25g of the highest quality protein in just 130kcal.

Rich Piana became famous with the quote:

"Enough of this rubbish. Let's give people real food!"

Rich Piana 5% Shake Time is a revolutionary protein supplement from the real foods series without concentrate / isolate of whey proteins, i.e. milk proteins. Shake Time was designed in accordance with the Rich Pian philosophy, i.e. it is to provide only real food sources. The conditioner was designed with the owner of the brand in mind to fully meet his requirements as to be unrivaled on the supplementation market. This is also how Shake Time was created, a protein supplement based on: HydroBEEF beef protein isolate, poultry protein and egg protein.

Rich Piana was not a supporter of the classic whey proteins, which in his opinion were not real muscle food. He decided to go against the trends and create a product that will meet the expectations of the most demanding bodybuilding and bodybuilding players. The individual proportions of proteins have been selected in such a way that amino acids are released into the body gradually for as long as possible. In addition, the product has been enriched with MCT oil, which increases energy levels and gives you a feeling of fullness. What's more, this additive ensures that the product does not foam and has a perfect consistency.

Rich Piana 5% Nutrition Shake Time® provides 25g of real food protein from beef, chicken and whole eggs. It's not a sheikh, it's like sitting down to a wholesome, wholesome protein meal!

Shake Time is a protein supplement designed to meet the high standards of the Brand Creator himself, Rich Piana. Use it after training, first thing in the morning, or whenever you need protein. This is not just another protein powder. This is a unique Rich Piana-style protein meal based on real food. Rich Piana was the type of guy who thought your protein sources should come primarily from real food - but at the same time he understood that you can't always sit down to a real high-protein meal. Sometimes the only thing that works when you're on the run and in short supply is a protein shake, especially if you are a busy lifestyle. Not to mention that you need a protein that is quickly digestible per workout. Let's face it, there's no better way to get your protein delivered fast than a protein shake.


Shake Time® can act as an anabolic switch and get you where you want to go. It's easy to add such a protein supplement to your arsenal of supplements. Shake Time® stimulates protein synthesis and maintains anabolism, if you exercise to grow, if you prepare for the next competition you will keep your hard-earned muscles.

  • Hydrobeef ™ is a true beef isolate protein that does not contain carbohydrates or fats. It is a complete, ultra-pure protein produced in an exclusive infusion process. This technology protects the extremely important amino acids, peptides, nucleotide fractions, vitamins and minerals that are naturally found in beef. Hydrobeef ™ is a fast-digesting protein, but digesting slower than whey. It contains 97% protein and has a BV (Biological Value) comparable to whey. It is not the end. Hydrobeef ™ also has a high BCAA content which drives muscle growth. Hydrobeef ™ is an excellent choice for bodybuilders as it stimulates the ideal anabolic environment your muscles must be in if you want to achieve the results you have exercised for.
  • Chicken protein is a high-quality, slowly digestible complete protein source, rich in B vitamins, selenium and free from common allergens.
  • Her proteins - full, not just protein, also yolk! For decades, eggs have been one of the main sources of protein for bodybuilders and powerlifters. Eggs are a top-quality source of protein that digests slower than whey or beef, but faster than casein proteins. The average rate of digestion means you stay in an anabolic state for longer. We use whole egg powder which is obtained from real whole eggs.

Egg white is an infrequent ingredient in protein bars - the reason for this is quite trivial, it is about cost - powdered egg white is simply an expensive ingredient and few brands can afford to use it; in the case of Rich Piana, 5% was possible because it is a brand that has been specializing for a long time, incl. in the production of protein supplements based on this protein source, it has the opportunity to take advantage of the production scale, which reduces the cost of the raw material. Apart from the question of the price of this ingredient, hen's egg protein is one of the most valuable sources of protein found in nature, it is characterized by an extremely high digestibility index - the PDCAAS index (Protein Digestibility-Corrected Amino Acid Score). the nutritional value of protein products at the same time based on the amount of protein as a whole and the degree of the human body's need for individual amino acids and the ability to digest / assimilate them) for eggs and egg whites is 1, i.e. the maximum of the scale.

Rich Piana 5% Nutrition Shake Time No Whey Real Food Protein - the most important information

  • pure composition, no chemical fillers
  • easily digestible proteins with different absorption times
  • high anabolic potential
  • without milk proteins
  • without lactose
  • based on HydroBEEF beef hydrolyzate as the basic protein source
  • 3 fractions of non-dairy animal proteins
  • as much as 25g of protein in 130kcal
  • albumin (egg white) as the primary source of protein in the bar
  • without dairy (milk)
  • contains valuable MCT fats
  • clean, simple and short composition, no highly processed ingredients

Rich Piana's 5% Nutrition is a brand created and run consistently according to Rich's philosophy: to process the best ingredients into the best product. Supplements are not the cheapest, but they are clean, perfect in terms of quality and taste, and nutritiously - a philosophy that was born years ago in the form of the Real Food brand.

Porcja 32.7 g W 100 g
130.00 397.55
544.70 1,665.75
2.50 7.65
2.00 6.12
0.00 0.00
0.00 0.00
2.00 6.12
26.00 79.51
0.63 1.91
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Pandy Candy Sour Fish - sugar free high fiber & low calorie soft jellies

Pandy Candy Sour Fish - sugar free high fiber & low calorie soft jellies

Rich Piana 5% Nutrition Shake Time No Whey Real Food Protein, Chocolate - a milk-free protein supplement with a chocolate flavor, no added sugar, contains a sweetener

Net weight: 817.5 g

Ingredients: protein blend {hydrolyzed beef protein (HydroBEEF), chicken protein, eggs}, cocoa, MCT medium-chain triglycerides, flavors, guar gum thickener, sodium chloride, xanthan gum thickener, sweetener sucralose.
Allergens: eggs, may contain milk, eggs, soy, fish, crustaceans, gluten and wheat, and nuts, including peanuts

Nutritional values ​​per 100g: energy value 397.5kcal / 1665.7kJ, 7.6g fat (including saturated fat 6.1g), 0.0g carbohydrates (including 0.0g sugars), 6.1g fiber, 79 protein, 5g, salt 1.9g

Nutritional values ​​in 32.7g (25 servings in the package): energy value 130.0kcal / 544.7kJ, 2.5g fat (including saturated fat 2.0g), 0.0g carbohydrates (including sugars 0.0g), fiber 2.0g, protein 26.0g, salt 0.6g

Recommended daily intake necessary to obtain the beneficial effects of the product: 32.7 g of powder (1 portion, in the case of people weighing> 100 kg one portion is 64 g) mix with 300 ml - 400 ml of water or your favorite drink. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose (3 servings)! A dietary supplement cannot be used as a substitute (replacement) for a varied diet. A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are the basis for the proper functioning of the body.

Warning: Do not eat if you are allergic to any of the ingredients of the product. The product should not be consumed by pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Producer: Made in the USA for Rich Piana - 5% Nutrition, 8285 Bryan Dairy Rd. Ste 190, 33777 Largo, Florida, USA

Distributor: K Warda-Poniecka, Wola Gołkowska

Storage conditions: store in a dry place in a tightly closed container. Protect against moisture, light and heat. Store out of the reach of small children.

Best before end: date on the bottom of the package

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