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Rule1 R1 Protein (2,5lbs) Chocolate Peanut Butter

Rule1 (Rule One Proteins)


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RULE1 R1 Protein is recognized as one of the best in the world in terms of protein quality, high-quality protein supplement, consisting of the two purest and fastest digestible protein fractions, whey protein isolate (WPI) and whey protein hydrolyzate (WPH). It is a completely fat-free protein powder with a negligible content of carbohydrates - at the trace level of 1g per serving.

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Weight net. 1171g.; 23,66 pln/100g.

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RULE1 R1 Protein is recognized as one of the best in the world in terms of protein quality, high-quality protein supplement, consisting of the two purest and fastest digestible protein fractions, whey protein isolate (WPI) and whey protein hydrolyzate (WPH).

Rule 1 R1 Protein belongs to the elite group of completely fat-free protein supplements, it is characterized by a negligible content of carbohydrates - the amount of carbohydrates in 1 serving oscillates around the trace level of 1g.

It is one of the best-quality proteins on the market, and at the same time it is characterized by excellent solubility, a great aminogram and a great taste - it does not have such a feature that would not stand out from competing products.

The protein supplements from the R1 Protein series contain as much as 25g of protein in 110kcal, which is an unusually high proportion - most supplements provide 25g of protein in 130kcal - 140kcal, and most often it is a protein derived from a concentrate, not an isolate and hydrolyzate, as I have in case of RULE1 R1 Protein.

Both RULE1 R1 Whey Blend and RULE1 R1 Protein are excellent top-shelf nutrients, so how are they different? R1 Whey Blend is an excellent choice for most athletes and active people, it offers an excellent combination of flavor, value and nutritional value by blending 3 protein fractions, RULE1 Whey Blend has a slightly higher fat and carbohydrate content which contributes to a richer taste and creamier texture than the nutritionally purer formula that is R1 Protein. R1 Protein is 100% whey protein isolate and hydrolyzate (without WPC whey concentrates), as a result it is practically devoid of any macronutrients other than protein - the shake prepared from this nutrient is not very thick or creamy, it consists only of taste and protein, without thickeners and fillers to improve consistency. The two-component formula R1 Protein is dedicated to professional athletes, athletes and competitors of body sports and sports related to maintaining a certain low body weight (jockeys, athletes in sports divided into weight categories, primarily martial arts), people who follow a nutritional protocol strictly written down for macro nutrients, in which every gram of fat, protein and carbohydrate matters. Due to the ease of digestibility and fast absorption kinetics, R1 Protein works great in the immediate post-training window, contributing to the improvement of the nitrogen balance and the intensification of protein synthesis, thus leading to the effective development of muscle mass.

R1 Protein is a fast-digesting protein with minimal lactose content and two quickly-digesting, well-digested protein sources that best support the building and maintenance of muscle mass. Pure protein, 25g per serving, no spiking, i.e. artificial punching the protein content by adding individual amino acids - there are as many of them as occurs naturally in proteins, you have 5.5g of BCAA in one serving.

The most important information about RULE1 R1 Protein:

  • ZERO non-dairy proteins - only the highest quality whey proteins
  • NO SPIKING, only pure, complete protein
  • ZERO fillers
  • 25g of quickly and easily digested protein in just 110kcal
  • 100% whey protein from 2 of the best sources: WPI and WPH
  • naturally high in BCAA and glutamine
  • excellent taste and solubility
Porcja 30.8 g W 100 g
110.00 357.14
460.90 1,496.43
0.50 1.62
0.00 0.00
2.00 6.49
0.00 0.00
26.00 84.42
0.38 1.22
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Rule1 R1 Protein Cookies & Crème 467g

Rule1 R1 Protein Cookies & Crème 467g

Rule1 R1 Protein Chocolate Peanut Butter - a protein supplement with a peanut butter flavor with chocolate

Dietary supplement. Contains sugar and sweeteners.

Protein contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass and contributes to the maintenance of healthy bones

Net weight: 1,171kg

Ingredients: protein blend (whey protein isolate (MILK) ‌‌, whey protein hydrolyzate (MILK) ‌) ‌, cocoa, flavors‌, emulsifier SOY lecithin, salt‌, sweetener {sucralose‌, acesulfame K}.

Nutritional values ​​per 100g: energy value 357kcal / 1494kJ, 1.6g fat (including saturated fat 0.0g), 6.5g carbohydrates (including 0.0g sugars), 84.4g protein, 1.2g salt

Nutritional values ​​per 1 serving of 30.8g (38 servings in the package): energy value 110.0kcal / 460.8kJ, 0.5g fat (including saturated fat 0.0g), 2.0g carbohydrates (including 0.0g sugars) , protein 25.0g, salt 0.375g

Recommended daily intake required to obtain the beneficial effects of the product: mix 29 g of powder (1 portion) with 300 ml of water, juice or a selected plant drink. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose! The dietary supplement cannot be used as a substitute (replacement) for a varied diet. A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are the basis for the proper functioning of the body.

Warning: Do not eat if you are allergic to any of the ingredients of the product. The product should not be consumed by pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Best before (day / month / year) and batch number: see the bottom of the package.

Storage conditions: store in a dry place in a tightly closed container. Protect against moisture, light and heat. Store out of the reach of small children.

Producer: Produced in the USA by Nutrivo LLC for Rule One Proteins LLC

Entity responsible for the food information: Walden Farms Kornelia Warda-Poniecka, Płacząca Wierzby 11, 05-503 Wola Gołkowska

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