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Jell-O Vanilla Sugar Free - Fat Free vanilla flavor pudding



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The creamy, sweet, delicious Pudding Jell-O vanilla is a fantastic dessert that fits into any diet. One serving is only 70kcal and only 6g carbohydrates - 2 times less calories and almost 4 times less carbohydrates than traditional pudding and in addition does not contain grams of fat!

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Weight net. 28g.; 35,64 pln/100g.

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Creamy, sweet, delicious pudding Jell-O vanilla with a natural vanilla aroma is a fantastic dessert that suits any diet. One serving is only 70kcal and only 6g of carbohydrates - 2 times less calories and almost 4 times less carbohydrates than traditional pudding!

Use Jell-O pudding as a filling for crispy muffins or prepare a triffle - a dessert made of layers of pudding, zero calorie chocolate dip and fruit. Delicious and light - that's it!

Emazer 03/02/2017

super budyń bez cukru

budyń to bardzo dobry produkt na diecie bo bardzo łatwo zmniejszyć jego kaloryczność. kaloryczność w budyniu głównie pochodzi z cukru (i z mleka jeśli jest tłuste). Ten Jell-o jest na prawdę smaczny, robi się go łatwo no i wychodzi dużo lżejszy od zwykłego np DrOetker. Godny polecenia

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Sugar Free - Fat Free vanilla flavor - Pudding without sugar and no vanilla-flavored fat

Weight: 28g (the weight of the finished dessert after preparation: 528g, the weight of the portion suggested by the manufacturer 132g)

Ingredients: modified corn starch, maltodextrin, thickener (sodium pyrophosphate and sodium hydrogen phosphate). Contains less than 2%: natural and synthetic flavors, salt, calcium sulphate, xanthan gum, Mono and fatty acid diglycerides, aspartame and potassium acesulfame (sweeteners), tetra-potassium pyrophosphate, dipotassium phosphate, E102 and E110 dyes, synthetic dye, substance preservative E320.

* Contains a source of phenylalanine.

It does not contain sugar. It contains sweeteners of acesulfame potassium and aspartame.

Nutritional values ​​for 132g of finished dessert (1/4 finished dessert - 8g of product + 125ml of skimmed milk): 70kcal, 0g protein, 6g carbohydrates, 0g fats, 300mg of sodium.

Manufacturer: produced in the United States by Kraft Foods Global Inc., Northfied, IL 60093-2753 USA

Distributor: Walden Farms Kornelia Warda-Poniecka, Wola Gołkowska

Storage: store in a dry place, protect from moisture.

Preparation: Mix the contents of the sachet with 500ml of skimmed milk and mix with a whisk or mixer for 2 minutes. Pour the prepared mass into 4 bowls. The pudding is concentrated after 5 minutes.

Note - the pudding will not concentrate if you use soya milk for its preparation.

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