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Delecta sugar free buttercotch pudding without sweeteners

Bakalland & Delecta


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Finally! Sugar free pudding without sweeteners - it's your choice which sweetener (if any) to add!

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Weight net. 65g.; 2,08 pln/100g.

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In the next tab you will find detailed information on the nutritional value after preparing the lightest version of pudding, i.e. with erythritol and skim milk. We did the maths for you!

Delecta pudding with cream fudge  butterscotch flavor without sugar and without sweeteners.

Do you want to prepare a pudding without sugar, but you do not want artificial sweeteners? The Delecta brand meets people who attach importance to the type of sweeteners - by choosing Delecta pudding you can enjoy a light chocolate-free dessert without sugar and sweeten it with the sweetener you trust most - e.g. erytrole, xylitol or stevia.

Porcja 64 g W 100 g
225.00 351.56
942.75 1,473.05
1.80 2.81
0.45 0.70
48.75 76.17
0.75 1.17
4.80 7.50
0.15 0.23
Patryk Ł 06/26/2021


Muszę zakupić więcej, bardzo smaczna. Bez żadnego naciągania smak prawdziwej krówki. Konsystencja jak w przypadku ugotowanego mleczka kondensowanego (kajmak), kremowy, cudowny.

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    Delecta sugar free instant pudding, cream fudge flavor,without sweeteners

    Net weight: 64g (packaging is enough to prepare 6 suggested portions, each weighing 133g * -153g **)

    Ingredients: starch (corn, potato), modified potato starch, flavoring, caramel colour

    Allergens: possible presence of gluten, soy, milk and eggs

    Nutritional values ​​of 1 ready portion (150g) *: energy value 356kJ / 85kcal, fats 0.9g (including saturated fatty acids 0.45g), carbohydrates 27.7g (including sugars 6.38g, erythrol 13.3g), protein 4.93g, salt 0.18g

    Nutritional values ​​in 100g of ready dessert *: energy value 237kJ / 56.6kcal, fat 0.6g (including saturated fatty acids 0.3g), carbohydrates 18.47g (including sugars 4.25g, erytrol 8.86g), protein 3.28g, salt 0.12g

    * The values ​​we provide apply to pudding prepared with 80g erytrole and 750ml milk 0.5%.

    The manufacturer indicates on the packaging the values ​​for a ready dessert prepared with 60g sugar and 2% milk

    In the table in the composition tab you will find values ​​for dry pudding powder.

    Manufacturer: made in Poland by Bakalland S.A.

    Distributor: Walden Farms Kornelia Warda-Poniecka, Wola Gołkowska

    Storage: store in a dry and cool place in a closed container, out of reach of small children.

    Instructions: Mix 0.75l milk, 0.5% fat, whole pudding powder and 80g erytrole. Boil, reduce the heat and stir so that no lumps form. Pour the pudding into the cups. Leave for an hour to cool and thicken.

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