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Bio Planet Raspberry sugar free pudding without sweeteners

Bio Planete


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Low-calorie pudding without sugar and without sweeteners, with a completely natural, organic composition - you decide whether and what to sweeten!

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Weight net. 38g.; 7,21 pln/100g.

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Main flavor:

BIO pudding with raspberry flavor, no sugar and no sweeteners, 100% natural composition.

Created from natural ingredients, pudding is a good idea for a delicious dessert. Vitally Food Pudding consists of a few simple, basic ingredients, such as organic starch and freeze-dried raspberries. That's enough to get the full taste and aroma! Such a dessert will certainly appeal to both children and adults. It tastes hot, you can also wait to cool. Goes well with fruit juices, fresh fruit and preserves. It will be a perfect, healthy afternoon tea, second breakfast or dessert after dinner.

Pudding can be prepared using different types of milk (e.g. sheep, goat or vegetable milk).

Porcja 140.8 g W 100 g
kcal 96.07  kcal 68.23  kcal
kJ 409.73  kJ 291.00  kJ
Fats, inculding 2.53  g 1.80  g
Saturated fats 1.55  g 1.10  g
Carbohydrates, including 19.71  g 14.00  g
sugar 6.20  g 4.40  g
erythritol 6.20  g 4.40  g
Fiber 0.00  g 0.00  g
Protein 4.36  g 3.10  g
Salt 0.14  g 0.10  g
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Ostrovit Oat Fiber - pure oat fiber 80% of fiber

Ostrovit Oat Fiber - pure oat fiber 80% of fiber

Bio Planet Raspberry-Flavored Pudding Bio with freeze-dried raspberries. No added sugars. It contains naturally occurring sugars.

Net weight: 38g

Ingredients: starch *, freeze-dried raspberries * (5.3%), red beetroot powder *, natural flavor
* certified organic ingredient, PL-EKO-04, EU / non-EU agriculture

Allergens: possible presence of milk and gluten

Nutritional values ​​per 100g after preparation *: energy value 291kJ / 68.23kcal, fat 1.8g (including saturated fat 1.1g), carbohydrates 14g (including sugars 4.4g, erythritol 4.4g), protein 3.1g , salt 0.1 g

* The manufacturer indicates the nutritional values ​​on the packaging after preparation with sugar, the nutritional values ​​given here refer to the preparation with erythritol and milk 2% fat.

Producer: Produced in the EU for Bio Planet S.A., Wilkowa Wieś 7, 05-084 Leszno

Storage: store in a dry place, in a tightly closed container, out of the reach of small children.

Preparation method:

  • from 0.5 liters of milk, pour out 1/2 cup, add the contents of the bag and 25 g of BIO Vitally Food cane sugar (approx. 1½ spoonful), mix well.
  • boil the rest of the milk. Pour the dissolved powder into the boiling milk. Boil for a moment, stirring constantly until the pudding thickens.
  • Pour the cooked pudding into 4 salad bowls.

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