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Lay's Light Gesalzen 150g 33% less fat

Pozostali Producenci


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Original German thin potato chips with reduced fat content, baked in sunflower oil from carefully selected potatoes - they have 33% less fat than standard Lays chips.

A large pack of 150g

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Weight net. 150g.; 9,06 pln/100g.

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Excellent, super crunchy Lay"s Light Gesalzen are thin potato chips with 33% less fat, baked in sunflower oil.

For people counting calories, a particularly important aspect is the simple composition of the chips, the low content of saturated fat, the reduced total fat content and the very low sugar content.

Delicious crunchy pleasure, thanks to a special manufacturing process, the fat content of Lay"s Light is reduced by 33% compared to traditional potato chips, and at the same time they have the same irresistibly good Lay"s taste and the wonderful crunchiness of the thin chip slices.

Lay"s Light Gesalzen is a well-known and popular version of Lays available so far only in Western Europe. The unique taste of Lays Light chips is the result of specially selected and selected potato varieties, coming only from proven suppliers, subjected to two-stage selection before the production process and after rinsing and slicing, so that only the best specimens are baked. The taste of perfectly baked thin crunchy potato slices is complemented by the addition of original spices, which makes Lays crisps seduce with their taste and tenderness.

What is the difference between Lays Light and Lays Prosto z Pieca (Lays Oven Baked) chips?

  • Lays Light are definitely thinner - they have the thickness (or rather thinness) of a traditional chips
  • Lays Light chips are a less processed product - they are made of thinly sliced ​​potato slices, and Lays Oven Baked are made of potato flake pulp with an admixture of starch
  • Lays Oven Baked chips have a fairly high sugar content for a salty snack, as much as 10% - Lays Light chips have over 3 times less sugar
  • Lays Oven Baked crisps contain monosodium glutemate - this ingredient is not present in Lays Light crisps
  • Lays Light crisps do not contain soy

There is one more difference between the two types of apparently similar chips of the same brand (!): The amount of ingredients; Lays Light Gesalzen consists of 3 ingredients that you can replace blindly without checking the ingredients list: potatoes, sunflower oil and salt. Meanwhile, salted Lays Oven contain, apart from ground potato flakes, also starch, flour and sugar in two forms: as ordinary sugar and in the form of glucose. As a result, in Laysach Oven Baked we have almost 8% of sugar, and in Lays Light there is a trace amount of it, below the detection levels in a standard laboratory test - that is, as much as potatoes contain naturally.

Porcja 30 g W 100 g
147.00 490.00
615.93 2,053.10
6.60 22.00
0.66 2.20
20.10 67.00
0.09 0.30
1.35 4.50
2.10 7.00
0.43 1.43

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Lays Light Gesalzen 33% less fat - baked potato chips with 33% less fat * salt

* Contains 33% less fat in 100g of them comparable standard pepper chips

Net weight: 150g

Ingredients: potatoes, sunflower oil (22%), salt.

Allergens: milk, wheat

Nutritional values per 100g: energy value 490.0kcal / 2053.1kJ, fat 22.0g (including saturated fat 2.2g), carbohydrates 67.0g (including sugars 0.3g), fiber 4.5g, protein 7, 0g, salt 1.4g

Nutritional values in 1 portion (5 portions in the package): energy value 147.0kcal / 615.9kJ, 6.6g fat (including 0.6g saturated fat), 20.1g carbohydrates (including 0.0g sugars), fiber 1.3 g, protein 2.1 g, salt 0.4 g

Producer: Made in Germany by PepsiCo Deutschland GmbH, Hugenottenallee 173,
63263 Neu-Isenburg (D)

Storage: store in a cool and dry place in a tightly closed container.

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