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Chicks & Sport Vacuum marinated chicken breast slices

Chicks & Sport


New product

Chicks & Sport is a high amount of easily digestible protein contained in a snack from a carefully selected chicken breast, long-maturing and smoked in the cold. Thanks to its small and handy packaging, it can easily fit into any backpack or bag. Perfectly diversify the diet that has been topped up so far "quickly", only with shakes or protein bars.

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Weight net. 50g.; 14,98 pln/100g.

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Main flavor:

Chicksy is a 100% natural product, with no allergens and no gluten. They do not contain any flavor enhancers or artificial preservatives. This provides the simplest composition: 99% chicken breast, salt, pepper, garlic, glucose and starter cultures.

In Chicks, up to 200 g of pure meat was used for 100 g of product, thanks to which all the best were condensed in them. Packaged in a comfortable and durable packaging, it will last up to 6 months outside the fridge.

Chicks & Sport - what is it?

hese are pieces of a specially selected chicken fillet after a long puberty. The unique production system, special recipe and natural spices make our products satisfy even the most demanding palates. We love to experiment with taste, look for new aromas, combine them and combine them. And although the unique composition of the Chicks and Sport flavor distinguishes our product on the market, their composition is the highest strength.

Eat healthy, eat healthy!

o develop sport, bring the body to a higher level of possibilities, prepare them for a series of Ttrainings, competitions, you need to build a long-term plan for a balanced diet. Chicks and Sport is an ideal complement to it and a product dedicated in nature to athletes, as well as excellent equipment for people who play sports, tourism, recreational fitness. It is also a brilliant answer to the daily need to snack. Chicks & Sport are low-fat, gluten free and preservatives. Our products are vacuum packed - nothing crumples! You can put them in a bag or backpack and start a workout or trip. You know that you have exactly 20 g of pure protein with you, which you will need after training, effort or even during it. They will work great in the gym, restore strength after running or strength training, complement energy during mountain trekking.

Healthy protein

Chicks & Sport is a healthy chicken meat, has a high nutritional value, and is rich in protein, contains a large portion of vitamins and minerals, including B vitamins, zinc, potassium and magnesium. Up to 100 g of our product we use up to 200 g of a specially selected chicken breast fillet.
Due to its low calorie content, chicken meat is ideal for people who care about a slim figure. Our products are prepared only from the highest quality meat - we care for natural and the best quality ingredients. That's why our juicy chicken bites are suitable for people with a sensitive digestive tract.

Better achievements in sport

They have little fat, but a lot of protein, so they are an excellent snack for athletes, because they perfectly nourish and supplement the demand for this nutrient during the training season and preparations for major sports events.

Smoked cold

Our chicken meat is smoked only with cold smoke, which brings out its nobler taste and smell, it also increases durability, thanks to which we do not need to use preservatives. Maturation lasts about 5 weeks - during this time the water is reduced, resulting in 50% weight loss. In 100 g of the final product there is a 200 g chicken fillet.

Clean the chicken meat manually so that it does not contain any films, fat residue, cartilage and other non-meat ingredients - you get the best.

Experience the adventures of Chicks & Sport on extreme trips! Our products have gained the highest peaks with professional climbers in the Himalayas and accompany trainers of the largest personal trainers. The taste was appreciated by the bodybuilding world champion - he believes that they are the perfect complement to the athlete's diet. Chicks & Sport gained recognition among the participants of the Polish Cup in Bodybuilding and Fitness in Mińsk Mazowiecki. "A delicious and healthy replacement - a great recipe and originality!" - this is the word from professionals' mouths - the best recommendation for our product.

The most important information about Chicks & Sport

  •     43.5% full-value protein (20 g in the package)
  •     1.10 g - the minimum amount of salt in the package
  •     Low fat
  •     100% natural
  •     Ready to eat
  •     low carb
  •     No allergens
  •     Without GMO
  •     high-protein
  •     No gluten
  •     0 preservatives and other chemical additives
Porcja 39 g W 100 g
80.00 205.13
338.00 866.67
1.09 2.79
0.43 1.10
0.35 0.90
0.31 0.79
0.39 1.00
16.97 43.51
0.94 2.41
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Dieti Meal high protein stracciatella pudding

Dieti Meal high protein stracciatella pudding

Chicks & Sport Vacuum - cold-smoked, vacuum packed slices of a seasones chicken breast fillet

Net weight: 50g

Ingredients: 99% chicken breast fillet, salt, garlic, pepper, glucose, starter cultures.

Nutritional values in 100g: Energy value: 866 kJ / 205 kcal, Fat: 2.8g, including saturated fatty acids: 1.1g, Carbohydrates: 0.9g, including sugars: 0.8g, Fiber 1g, Protein: 43 , 5g, Salt: 2.4g

Store in a cool, dry place. Packaged in a modified atmosphere (MAP).

After opening, refrigerate no more than 48 hours.

Country of origin Poland

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