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Sinister Labs Sinfit Peanut Butter Crunch snack size

Sinister Labs (Angry Mills)


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Remember those smooth creamy caramels that you had growing up? Well, we have brought back that taste that you’ve missed with our mouthwatering SINFIT® Caramel Double Layer Crunch Bar! With 30g of protein per serving, gluten free, if you like the feeling of having a cheat meal without cheating then this is your bar!!

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Weight net. 23g.; 17,17 pln/100g.

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Sinister Labs Sinfit Caramel Crunch impresses in every respect. The first, what you pay attention to when opening the package is a thick layer of milk chocolate covered with zigzags of sweet white glaze. Each bite is rich, sweet, the bar is packed with a caramel toss, which perfectly combines with the taste of icing glaze. After breaking the top layer of fragile milk chocolate, it turns out that the interior of the bar is surprisingly soft and delicate, reminiscent of the consistency of chocolate brownie cake, but tastes more biscuit than chocolate, if you belong to sweet lovers, you will surely like the caramel-cookie combination of flavors , the baton brilliantly sated and at the same time satisfies for a long time the desire for sweets.

But the taste is of course not everything - sinful delicious Sinfit Caramel Crunch bar is up to 30g of protein - of course, this is not the first or only protein bar with such a high protein content, but it is certainly one of the tastiest protein bars that in taste may boldly compete with market sugar bars.

Skip the dessert menu and satisfy your cravings with the amazing SINFIT® Peanut Butter Crunch Double Layer Protein Bar. The creamy peanut butter bar mixed with the crunch of protein crisps is a perfect choice that fits your lifestyle. This is a connoisseurs dream come true, and not only does it taste amazing you get 30g of protein per serving and it is gluten free!

SinFit bars are brought to you by 6 times Mr Olympia 212 winner, James ‘Flex’ Lewis, a man who has probably had more than his fair share of protein bars.

These double layered bars are described as ‘Insanely tasty’ and we have to agree. The product has a similar style to FitCrunch and MusclePharm’s Combat Crunch, but supercharge the protein content. Sinister Labs have disguised the 30g of protein in a few ways. The outer coating is packed full of flavour and the inner layer fluffy, something we didn’t expect, as bars this size which are normally very chewy and hard to swallow.


Like Flex Lewis these bars come in on the heavier side with 30g of quality protein per bar, coming from a blend of whey concentrate and isolates. As well as packing in the protein, these bars include 28g of carbohydrates (8g being sugars) and have around 350kcal, making these ideal for those bulking or to use as a meal replacement.

Porcja 23 g W 100 g
100.00 434.78
419.00 1,821.74
4.50 19.57
3.50 15.22
6.00 26.09
3.00 13.04
1.00 4.35
9.00 39.13
0.30 1.30
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Sinister Labs Sinfit Peanut Butter Crunch protein bar - high-protein bar with a biscuit interior, mass with nut peanut and milk chocolate glaze, contains sugar and sweeteners

Net weight: 23g

Ingredients: Protein blend (whey protein concentrate (from milk), whey protein isolate (from milk), peanuts, soy protein isolate, vegetable oils (palm, palm kernel, soybean), vegetable glycerine moisture regulator, sugar, gelatin, humidity regulator sorbitol, brown rice flour, corn syrup, water, salt, sunflower oil, whey powder (from milk), dextrose, natural flavor, soya lecithin emulsifier, maltodextrin filler, mono emulsifier and fatty acid digests, glycine monoester stabilizer propylene, sodium caseinate (from milk), maltitol sweetener, potassium sorbate preservative, baking soda, monoglyceride stabilizer, whey powder (from milk), beta-carotene, vitamin A palmitate, alkaline cocoa, sucralose sweetener, natural antioxidant tocopherols , silicon dioxide anti-caking agent, almonds.

Allergens: soy, milk, peanuts; Attention! possible content of milk, soy, gluten, nuts, peanuts and eggs.

Nutritional values ​​in 1 portion (83g): energy value 1467kJ / 350kcal, fats 16g (including saturated fatty acids 8g), carbohydrates 28g (including sugars 8g), fiber 1g, protein 30g, salt 1.2g

Nutritional values ​​in 100g: energy value 1766kJ / 421kcal, fat 19.0g (including saturated fat 10g), carbohydrates 33.7g (including sugars 9.6g), fiber 1.2g, protein 36g, salt 1.4g

Producer: Made in USA Sinster Labs Southlake, TX 76092, United States

Importer: Walden Farms Kornelia Warda-Poniecka, Wola Gołkowska

Storage: Store in a dry place in a tightly closed container at 9 ° C-18 ° C.

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