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Fanta Fruit Twist Zero 150ml

Coca Cola


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Fanta Fruit Twist Zero Sugar - a new, refreshing fruit flavored Fanta without sugar! The exotic Fanta Twist Zero contains only natural flavors and its intense flavor comes from natural fruit concentrates.

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Weight net. 150g.; 1,22 pln/100g.

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Fanta Fruit Twist Zero Sugar - a new taste of sugar-free fruity Fanta is a refreshing, exhilarating freshness of exotic and refreshing sweet fruits: oranges, apples, peaches and passionfruits.

Fanta Fruit Twist Zero is not sweetened with sugar, the only sugar contained in it in a small amount of 0.5g / 100ml comes from natural fruit concentrates. Feel the joy of carefree without calories, together with the exotic Fanta! Intensely fruity-bubble Fanta Zero will give you every sip of joy more without unnecessary calories. More Fanta. Less Serious!

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18.86 12.57
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