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Best Joy Canola COOKING SPRAY for frying

Best Joy


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New, bigger package! Best Joy Canola - perfect for grilling, frying and baking! Rapeseed spray for calorie, fat-free frying is the perfect way to add a delicious taste and get a healthy dish without unnecessary fat. 1 tablespoon of oil is 90kcal - replace it with a spit spray, which is almost 0kcal!

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16,87 pln

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Weight net. 201g.; 8,39 pln/100g.

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NOVELTY! Now bigger package!

Spray Best Joy Canola is a way to reduce the amount of fat added to fried and baked foods by as much as 97%

Best Joy Cooking Spray is the perfect healthy way to keep your slim figure and eliminate harmful excess fat from the diet without harming your food!

Fats are a delicious but most calorie ingredient because they contain more than 2 times more calories than protein and carbohydrates. By tapping on the Best Joy Canola spray you can prepare your favorite food without worrying about your silhouette.
Rapeseed oil for spraying. Application: for frying meat, fish, eggs, grilling, baking and snacks.

Advantages of using a frying spray:

  •     It lowers the caloric content of fried foods
  •     Does not stick to the surface
  •     It makes the food during frying does not adhere to the surface of the dish
  •     It facilitates the cleaning and washing of dishes
  •     Contains pure oil
  •     Economical and safe, easy to use in a frying pan, pot, grilling and even in dishes used in microwave ovens
  •     It protects teflon vessels and prevents scratches on their surfaces.

How to use the frying spray: To get the most out of Best Joy Canola Cooking Spray, shake the can easily before use. Spray the pan or spray with a spray of about 20cm so that the entire surface is covered with a thin layer of spray. Do not distribute the product directly to the fire!


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Best Joy Canola COOKING SPRAY for frying meat, fish, eggs, grilling

Net Weight: 201g

Ingredients: rapeseed oil, soya-free soya lecithin, ejecting gas.

Allergens: soya

How to use: Shake before use. Sprinkle about 1 second on a cold frying pan or other pot from a distance of about 15 cm. You can spray the raw product and wrap it in spices.

IMPORTANT! Use upright. The nozzle outlet must be aligned with the red dot at the top of the can.

Precautions: Use only as directed. Do not use near heat sources and open flames, do not spray directly into the oven, oven, prodige, etc. Do not use on a heated grill.

WARNING! Flammable, under pressure. Do not puncture and do not burn even empty packaging. Heating may explode. Use in rooms with efficient ventilation. Do not expose to direct sunlight. Do not breathe

Keep in a shaded area away from fire and heat at a temperature of 15-25 ° C, out of the reach of children.

Manufacturer: BJ USA

Stop before: date on the bottom of the can

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