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LoSalt substitute for kitchen salt

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LoSalt low sodium salt; A unique combination of sodium chloride and potassium chloride to create a tastier, healthier alternative to kitchen salt. Low sodium diet helps to maintain normal blood pressure; It normalizes the water management of the body and helps to combat the feeling of 'heavy legs' associated with stopping excess water.

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Weight net. 350g.; 4,95 pln/100g.

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LoSalt is the market leader in sodium-reduced salt. LoSalt is the ideal way to reduce the amount of sodium your body is getting.

You can use LoSalt exactly the same way you use ordinary kitchen salt - without losing any of the salty taste of the food.

The original LoSalt is produced by a unique mixing method that combines sodium chloride with potassium chloride to create a tastier, healthier alternative to kitchen salt. Containing just one-third of the sodium contained in traditional LoSalt salts, it is an excellent way to reduce the amount of this element in your diet and thus help maintain normal blood pressure. LoSalt is ideal for people who suffer from excessive water retention or heavier legs. Sodium in kitchen salt binds water to keep it in the body, so lowering the intake of sodium by replacing traditional LoSalt salt normalizes the body's water management.

How does LoSalt?

LoSalt consists of two naturally occurring mineral salts:
+ Sodium chloride (up to 33.3%)

Sodium chloride is nothing but ordinary salt! Simple kitchen salt, including stone and sea salt, is 100% sodium chloride. While it is essential for life, most of us consume it too much, and therefore LoSalt is an easy way to reduce sodium intake without compromising the taste of the food.
+ Potassium Chloride (min 66.6%)

Potassium is extremely valuable to the body, particularly important in the regulation of muscle and nerve activity. LoSalt is an excellent source of potassium, providing a healthy mineral balance while maintaining a wonderful salt flavor. Potassium also has an effect on maintaining normal blood pressure.

Sodium and potassium control the entire electrolyte economy and affect the acid-base balance of the body, playing a major role in inducing stimulation in all nerve cells. Potassium is involved in the regulation of cardiac function and renal function.

What is salt?

Chemically speaking, a salt is a product formed by the neutralization reaction of acids and bases or an inert compound consisting of ions. In common language, when people talk about salt they usually refer to sodium chloride - a compound of sodium ions and chlorine. Potassium chloride is also a salt, consisting of potassium and chloride ions.

Why salt contributes to elevated blood pressure?

Minor changes in sodium and potassium levels in the body can have a significant effect on blood pressure. Both sodium and potassium are essential for our bodies of minerals, but it can be a problem to maintain proper levels of individual minerals.
How is salt used in the food industry?

Salt is important in our diet for three reasons: it provides flavor, preserves and recently has also an auxiliary meaning. In today's times salt is most often used as a seasoning - sometimes due to its own flavor (salty crisps or sticks), and more often as a flavor enhancer. Salt is also used as a preservative. By reducing the activity of water in food, the salt reduces the growth of microorganisms, acting as a preservative in fish glaze and meat products, and plays an important role in cheese production. The properties of the salt structure and its ability to bind water are no less important in food production. By stopping water in meat products, salt makes products such as sausages and hams gain volume, are inflated with water. Similarly, in the case of bread, salt also helps to maintain the proper volume and structure of the bread. These versatile salt applications make the addition of sodium almost in every meal we eat and as a result, our diet is definitely too much of this element.

How can LoSalt help?

LoSalt guarantees the taste of 'normal' salt but contains three times less sodium. By using LoSalt instead of salt, you will reduce the amount of sodium you eat. LoSalt works especially well in those foods that many people consider lacking in salt, such as eggs, fish, chicken, cottage cheese, potatoes or tomatoes.

Bartłomiej M 07/14/2020

Świetny produkt!

Idealnie nadaje się dla osób na diecie ketogenicznej.

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LoSalt substitute for kitchen salt

Net weight: 350g

Ingredients: Potassium Chloride 66.6% min., Sodium Chloride 33.3% Max, Anti-caking Agent (magnesium carbonate, hexacyanozelate salts)

Sodium content per 100g of product: 13.1g

Producer: Produced in the UK by Klingele, East Kilbride, Scotland G75 0QX

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