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RED Delight Blonde Caramelized White Chocolate - no added sugar caramelized white chocolate

RED Chocolette


New product

RED Chocolette are delicious chocolates with reduced fat content, no added sugar, sweetened with erythritol - the use of an innovative formula (chocolates are protected by 10 patents) in combination with the tradition of Swiss chocolatiers allowed to create one of the least caloric chocolates - depending on the taste, it has from 30% to even 50% less calories than regular chocolate

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8,96 pln

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Weight net. 85g.; 10,54 pln/100g.

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Main flavor:

RED Delight Blonde Caramelized White Chocolate the world's first erythritol-sweetened caramelized white chocolate with no added sugar!

The first in the world and to this day the most popular chocolate from the caramel blond category was the Australian Cadbury Caramilk - because Cadbury is present in several dozen countries around the world, caramel blonde is associated with this brand, but in Poland the topic of this taste was introduced by Wedel in the form of a record-breaking sales plate Wedel KarmelLove.

RED Delight milk and dark chocolates are widely recognized as the best sugar-free chocolates, so we couldn't have dreamed of a better brand that would take on the challenge of creating a caramel white bar with no added sugar. Here it is!

RED Delight Blonde Caramelized White Chocolate! A white chocolate bar in a shade of golden caramel with a super aromatic caramelized milk that melts wonderfully on the tongue, releasing a lot of flavors and delightful caramel sweetness.

Caramelized White RED Chocolette has 20% less sugar, it only contains sugar found naturally in milk. Golden, white chocolate with a silk texture and a caramel flavor finish, which makes time stop for a moment, is a dream come true for fit chocolatiers and the very smell of this chocolate makes all lovers of caramel flavors a bit strong :). White chocolate with a caramel touch that melts in your mouth is a taste that always tastes good - and without sugar, twice as good.

RED Delight Blonde Caramelized White Chocolate vs. Cadbury Caramilk and Wedel KarmelLove:

  • Both Cadbury Caramilk chocolate and KarmelLove Wedel have sugar in the first place - RED Delight Blonde Caramelized White Chocolate chocolate, in the first place on the list of ingredients, is cocoa butter, which is the main source of the taste and aroma of white chocolate!
  • the first place in sugar on the lists of competitive chocolates translates into a high sugar content - Wedlowska has 58% sugar, and Cadbury as much as 63% sugar, i.e. about 6 sugar cubes in a plate! More than 2/3 of both of these chocolates are pure white refined sugar! Shocking! Meanwhile, the RED Delight bar contains less than 10% sugar, which translates to less than 0.5g of sugar in a large chocolate cube - it is worth adding that it is only sugar found naturally in milk, not added sugar
  • The high sugar content has its consequences in the form of high calorific value - both sugar caramel blondes have over 570kcal in 100g - while RED blonde has 480kcal in 100g, which is 20% less - the entire RED Delight Caramelized Blond bar has only 366kcal (one for each day) year ;))
  • All 3 chocolates from this comparison are gluten-free, have a similarly short and simple composition and do not contain palm oil - that is, market sweets with sugar also have their advantages!

RED Delight Blonde Caramelized White Chocolate is the world's first white chocolate with such a low calorie content. Due to the fact that there is no added sugar and it has a reduced sugar and fat content, it manages to reduce the caloric value of dark chocolate by 45% and milk chocolate by 30%. One piece of dark chocolate contains only 20 kcal - which is the same as a piece of apple!

Created by the best French and Swiss chocolatiers, this tasty chocolate contains not only fewer calories and fat, but also contains no added sugar and is made only from natural sweeteners; carefully selected cocoa and cocoa butter from the Ivory Coast and the highest quality milk from Germany.

The unique patented technology combined with our specialist skills makes it taste like regular chocolate, although there is no added sugar.

No more remorse. Give yourself the unlimited pleasure of eating chocolate.

The main ingredient of RED is high-quality cocoa, produced by Barry Callebaut - a world leader in this industry.

Sources of sweets in RED Chocolette:

  • Erythritol - A natural, zero energy sweetener found in melons, grapes, pears and other fruits. It is now considered the safest and most popular sweetener in Europe.
  • Maltitol - like erythritol, it is present in many fruits and vegetables. It is distinguished by a much lower caloric content than sugar, with a similar sweetness, intensity and taste.
  • Polydextrose - is a rich source of fiber that promotes healthy digestion. It comes from natural products. It is completely safe and has been approved for food production in Europe.
Porcja 4.65 g W 100 g
Energy value
kcal 22.37  kcal 481.00  kcal
Energy value 93.64 2,013.85
Fats, 1.53 33.00
Saturated fats 0.93 20.00
Carbohydrates, 2.88 62.00
sugars 0.56 12.00
polyols 2.14 46.00
Protein 0.12 2.60
Fiber 0.42 9.00
Salt equivalent 0.02 0.50
Magda M 05/30/2022

Jak oni to zrobili ?

Zawsze myślałam, że karmel to cukier :-)
w tym przypadku karmel bez cukru i rewelacja smakowa :-) nie spotkałam do tej pory takiego cuda :-)

    Weronika M 05/29/2022


    Jest karmelowa, zauważyłam że jest o wiele bardziej miękka i szybciej się topi niż inne czekolady tej firmy, jednak to tylko spostrzeżenie, nie przeszkadza to w niczym. Jest pyszna i nawet mojej mamie która słodyczy nie lubi, bardzo zasmakowała

      Justyna J 05/16/2022


      Jak każda do tej pory czekolada RED i ta mnie nie zawiodła! Nie ma do czego się przyczepić, jest przepyszna i na pewno zakupię ponownie!

        Ania 05/09/2022

        Karmel bez cukru

        Nie wierzyłam, dopóki nie spróbowałam...
        Smakowita to mało powiedziane :-)))

          aleksandra g 05/05/2022


          Wooow, ale pyszna! Bardzo słodka. Bardziej wyczuwalny karmel niż biała czekolada. Jak dla mnie nie czuć że to odchudzona wersja. Zostaje fanką!

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            Write a review

            RED Delight Blonde Caramelized White Chocolate - white chocolate with caramelized milk with reduced energy value, no added sugar. It contains sweeteners

            Net weight: 85g

            Ingredients: cocoa butter, sweeteners: maltitol, erythritol; bulking agent: polydextrose; powdered caramel {sweet whey powder (from milk), butter (from milk), skimmed milk powder; maltodextrin}, whole milk powder, emulsifiers: lecithins (from soy), E476; thickener: carrageenan, aromas.

            Cocoa solids minimum 20%, milk minimum 14%.

            Allergens: milk, soy; may contain almonds, hazelnuts and macadamia nuts

            Excessive consumption may have a laxative effect.

            It contains naturally occurring sugars. Gluten-free product.

            Nutritional values per 100g: energy value 481.0kcal / 2013.8kJ, fat 33.0g (including saturated fat 20.0g), carbohydrates 62.0g (including sugars 12.0g, polyols 46.0g), protein 2, 6g, fiber 9.0g, salt 0.5g

            Nutritional values in 1 cube: energy value 22.3kcal / 93.6kJ, 1.5g fat (including saturated fat 0.9g), 2.8g carbohydrates (including 0.5g sugars, 2.1g polyols), 0 protein 1g, fiber 0.4g, salt 0.0g

            Producer: RED Chocolette Confectionary SIA, Chocolette S.A. Rue Adrien-Lachenal 26, Geneve, CH 1207 Switzerland

            Storage: Store in a dry, cool place.

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