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Funky Flavors Sweet Highly Concentrated Marzipan Food Flavored with sweeteners

Funky Flavors


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Sweetened food flavor in a large 50ml bottle with a precision dropper. Funky Flavors are sugar-free, fat-free flavors with intense flavors. Ideal for protein supplements, homemade protein bars, ice cream, cocktails, shakes, yoghurts and milk desserts.

Marzipan food flavoring

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Net volume 50ml.; 24,00 pln/100ml.

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urodziny guiltfree

Main flavor:

Dominant scent notes: sweet and almond-flavored pure marzipan.

Suggested uses of sweetened flavored food flavors Funky Flavors Sweet:

  •     aroma for natural yogurt
  •     Addition to home ice cream, sorbet
  •     additive for 'nutritious' peanut butter
  •     aroma for shakes, cocktails
  •     aroma for homemade protein bars
  •     addition to omelettes, pancakes
  •     aroma for oatmeal
  •     aroma for coffee or tea
  •     aroma for dough plasters;

Funky Flavors are characterized by high solubility, because they do not contain fat, they combine well with liquids and they work perfectly as a flavor for protein nutrients - using Funky Flavors you can prepare your own version of protein bars in your favorite flavors.

Sweetened flavors Funky Flavors:

  •     without sugar
  •     sweetened - do not require adding sweetener
  •     vegan
  •     gluten-free
  •     A precision pipette dispenser for dropping dispensing
  •     without fat
  •     Highly concentrated, also for professional use
  •     fast, easy to use.
  •     intense natural taste
  •     high performance
  •     well soluble in water

Warning! The marzipan flavor is a very highly concentrated aroma for professional use. Use only diluted (max 0.15%). Do not consume directly - eg do not test pure aroma on the language!



Liczyłam trochę bardziej na migdałowy, ale rzeczywiście czuć ten marcepan. Dla mnie jednak minimalnie za słodki i lekko czuć goryczkę



Jeden z moich ulubieńców do dosładzania przekąsek. Nie dodaje dużo, więc nie wyczułam w nim chemii :)


Całkiem dobry

Polecam osobom, które lubią marcpepan. Całkiem dbry jednak lekko wyczuwalna chemia.

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Funky Flavors Sweet Highly Concentrated Marzipan Food Flavored with sweeteners - Highly concentrated, sugar-free, marzipan-free marzipan flavor with sweeteners

Net Weight: 50ml

Ingredients: aroma carrier, ethanol, water, food flavors, sucralose sweetener.

Allergens: Packed in a plant that processes nuts, soybeans and fish.

Producer: Produced in Poland for Walden Farms Kornelia Warda-Poniecka, Wola Gołkowska

Storage and use: Store in a dry, cool and dark place in a tightly closed container. Do not freeze Do not consume directly without prior dilution. Keep out of the reach of children.

Dosage: Use as desired to achieve the desired taste, suggested dosage is about 5-7 drops per 250ml liquid or 7-10 drops for solid products. If you want to add a flavor such as a dough or another dish requiring long term heat treatment, for the best effect do it at the last stage by adding aroma, eg to the top.

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