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Rocka Nutrition Smacktastic Salted Peanut 15g

Rocka Nutrition


New product

Based on chicory fiber (fiber accounts for approx. 50% of the weight of the Rocka Nutrition Smacktastic flavoring blend), vegan powdered concentrated food flavor.

The aroma is extremely intense and efficient, the 15g sachet contains 5 suggested portions, for flavoring about 1.5 kg - 2 kg of ready meals, drinks and meals.

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Weight net. 15g.; 90,67 pln/100g.

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Main flavor:

Rocka Nutrition Smacktastic Salted Peanut is a vegan sweetened aroma powder of salted peanuts, based on vegetable fiber.

The aroma of roasted, salted, caramelized peanuts, extremely intense, very authentic, will greatly enrich the taste of ANY protein supplement, you can even add it to the unsuccessful zero kcal syrup, for which you have no idea to use - it will immediately turn into a delicious topping, which you will be happy to use. use for breakfast pancakes.

Rocka Nutrition Smacktastic flavors are extremely efficient - to sweeten and flavor 1 serving of a meal (e.g. 1 porridge, omelette, one serving of a single portion cheesecake, 1 shake) less than a flat teaspoon of flavor, 1 sachet is a minimum of 5 solid portions of intense aroma, about 1 , 5kg-2kg of sweetened and flavored meals.

Rocka Nutrition Smacktastic are vegan powdered flavors ideal for enriching the taste of protein meals - they are low in carbohydrates, almost free of fat and contain an average of only 8kcal per serving.

Powdered aromas increase the boredom and monotony of milk meals. The versatility of the Chunky Flavor aromas pays off - you can add aromas to cottage cheese or low-fat cottage cheese, yogurt or skyr, as well as porridge or muesli, from now on breakfast will never be boring again. Do you rarely eat pancakes? With Rocka Nutrition Smacktastic as a sugar substitute in the morning, you can enjoy delicious pancakes without feeling guilty. Add a cup of coffee with flavor and your boring breakfast turns into a real sweet breakfast ritual.

Highlights of Rocka Nutrition Smacktastic Powder Flavors

  • 100% vegan
  • no milk and no lactose
  • highest quality ingredients, produced in Germany
  • intense, powdered, highly concentrated aromas (don't try to eat them undiluted!)
  • easy to apply and dose
  • wide selection of flavors
  • perfect as an addition to pancakes, cocktails, porridge, yoghurt
  • only 8kcal per serving
  • high fiber content - 50% on average
  • low carbohydrate content
  • almost no fat
  • without aspartame
  • extremely efficient
Porcja 3 g W 100 g
5.43 181.00
22.75 758.39
0.01 0.20
0.00 0.10
0.33 11.00
0.18 6.10
2.01 67.00
0.01 0.40
0.40 13.30
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Rocka Nutrition Smacktastic Salted Peanut - a vegan flavor blend, peanut butter flavor with salted caramel, for use in energy-reduced meals, with sweeteners

Net weight: 15g (5 suggested portions, each for flavoring and sweetening a drink or meal with a weight of about 250g-400g)

Ingredients: inulin (chicory root fiber), salt 13.3%, aroma, sweetener sucralose, cocoa heavily defatted
Nutritional values ​​per 100g: energy value 181.0kcal / 758.3kJ, 0.2g fat (including 0.1g saturated fat), 11.0g carbohydrates (including 6.1g sugars), 67.0g fiber, 0 protein, 4g, salt 13.3g

Nutritional values ​​in 1 serving (3g, 5 servings per package): energy value 5.4kcal / 22.7kJ, fat 0.0g (including saturated fat 0.0g), carbohydrates 0.3g (including sugars 0.1g) , fiber 2.0 g, protein 0.0 g, salt 0.3 g

Producer: Produced in Germany for Rocka Sports GmbH, Zimmerstr. 19, 10969 Berlin, Germany

Importer: K Warda-Poniecka, Wola Gołkowska
Storage: store in a dry and cool place, protected from sunlight. After each use, close the packaging tightly, the product is susceptible to absorbing moisture.

HOW TO USE: Mix 3g of Rocka Nutrition Smacktastic with 300g of cottage cheese, yoghurt or other selected dish, the amount can be adjusted to individual preferences, depending on the preferred intensity of taste and sweetness, the suggested base portion for 3g of the flavor is 250g - 400g of a solid meal or a drink.


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