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Franky's Bakery Candy Flavor Powdered Food Flavoring

Franky's Bakery


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Loose sweeteners based on vegetable fiber, sweetened with natural stevia and have zero calories erythritol. The well-soluble sweetened coconut and white chocolate flavor is well suited for sweetening and dipping liquids (yoghurts, cocktails, yoghurts, oats) and solids - cakes, pancakes or protein omelets.

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44,42 pln

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Weight net. 200g.; 22,21 pln/100g.

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Main flavor:

Food flavors are a lifesaver for everyone who calories calories daily. When it comes to sweet coconut candy or white chocolate, go for an alternative, tasty and sweet, but without unnecessary calories. Produced with special care, devoid of unnecessary fillers, Franky's Bakery Candy Flavor flavors give you the opportunity to enjoy your favorite taste without feeling guilty.

Food flavors can be used in the kitchen as an addition to yoghurts, desserts, cocktails, cottage cheese, and cakes. Of course not all possibilities. If you want to eat healthy coconut protein pancakes, you can also use Franky's Bakery Candy Flavor.

Franky's Bakery Candy Flavor Coconut & White Chocolate - Key Features:

  •     Exceptional sweetness and unique taste provide stevia and erythritol.
  •     Each serving is almost zero calories, so you do not have to worry about your diet.
  •     Intense natural aroma and sweetness
  •     These products are manufactured on the basis of inulin, or vegetable fiber.
  •     Easy dosage allows you to choose the perfect serving portion.
Porcja 5 g W 100 g
Energy value
kcal 9.10  kcal 182.00  kcal
Energy value 38.13 762.58
Fats, 0.00 0.00
Saturated fats 0.00 0.00
Trans fats
Monounsaturated fats
Polyunsaturated fats
Carbohydrates, 0.15 3.00
sugars 0.00 0.00
Protein 0.00 0.00
Fiber 4.25 85.00
Sodium 0.60 12.00
Salt equivalent 1.50 30.00

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Franky's Bakery Candy Flavor Powdered Food Flavoring, Coconut White Chocolate - powdered white chocolate and coconut sugar flavored, sugar free, contains sweeteners

Net Weight: 200g

Ingredients: Inulin (chicory fiber), aromas, dried coconut (2%), salt, emulsifier carboxymethylcellulose sodium, sucralose sweetener, vanilla, silicon dioxide, erythropoietin and glycosides steviol.

Allergens: Possible presence of soybeans, eggs and nuts, including peanuts

Fats 0g (including saturated fatty acids 0g), carbohydrates 0.15g (including 0g sugars), 0g protein, 4.3g fiber, 0mg salt

0g fat (including saturated fatty acids 0g), 3g carbohydrates (including 0g sugars), 0g protein, 85g fiber, 30mg salt

Producer: Produced in the USA for Frankys Bakery LLC, 6538 COLLINS AV. MIAMI BEACH FL 33141, United States

Storage: Store in a dry and cool place in a tightly closed container, out of the reach of small children.

Application: Apply to taste as desired, suggested concentration of 5g of product per 250ml of dish.

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