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Tagatesse sweetener in tablets with tagatose



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An excellent sweetener based on pure, sweet taste, with no artificial aftertaste. The very large package of 650 tablets corresponds to the sweetness of 2.6kg of sugar

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Weight net. 32.5g.; 36,55 pln/100g.

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Big pack: dispenser 650 tablets - corresponds to sweet 2.6 kg of sugar

Convenient sweetener with 24% tagatose - an optimum sweet sugar alternative (1 tablet in sugar equivalent), suitable for people on slimming diets, including calories, also for diabetics. Tagatesse is a sweetener that is stable at high temperatures - it means it is suitable for sweetening coffee and tea and does not change their taste.

What is tagatron?

Tagatose is a natural sugar that is found in lactose, naturally occurring in various dairy products and fruits; Tagatose restores the proper composition of the gastrointestinal flora.

The combination of Tagatesse ingredients makes it easy to use in cold and warm dishes. Unlike most sweeteners, pure tagatose under the influence of heat caramelizes to brown. In addition, Tagatesse can be an addition to hot beverages, fruit and yoghurts ... wherever we use ordinary sugar.

The most important information about the tagator

Tagagazine has been discovered by an international pharmaceutical group for the postoperative treatment of bowel cancer - due to its properties of normalizing the bacterial flora of the gastrointestinal tract. Regardless of this tagatza has many advantages that distinguish it from other sugar substitutes:

  •     Tagatose has a very low glycemic index IG: tagatose practically does not raise blood sugar. This property makes it a sweetener suitable for type I & II diabetics
  •     Tagatose is a natural sweetener - it is not a synthetic or artificial sweetener
  •     Is a friendly tooth - does not change Ph mouth and does not cause caries
  •     Has probiotic properties; It supports digestive flora, proper bowel function and digestion.
  •     Is low calorie - used as sweetener has zero calories
  •     Tagatose looks and tastes like sugar
  •     Does not leave an artificial aftertaste
  •     Unlike polyols (eg maltitol), it does not cause stomach pains
  •     Suitable for sweetening hot dishes and drinks - does not change the taste

Use of Tagalog

Tagatesse is easy to use: it is twice sweeter than plain sugar, so it is enough to use it in half. Tagatesse is best stored in closed containers. It is important that Tagatesse does not come in contact with moisture (steam, wet spoon, etc.) as it forms solid and becomes hard.
A few simple tips to make baking with tagatos easier:

  •     It should be baked longer at lower temperatures (eg 170stC)
  •     Make sure the baked goods are moist, such as adding slices of apples, or sweetened with tagatos.
  •     Optionally cover the pastry with baking foil (for the last 10 minutes) so that the dish does not turn brown.
Porcja 0.06 g W 100 g
Energy value
kcal 0.17  kcal 281.00  kcal
Energy value 0.71 1,190.00
Fats, 0.00 0.00
Saturated fats 0.00 0.00
Carbohydrates, of which 0.05 78.20
sugars, of which 0.03 55.60
tagatose 0.01  g 20.00  g
polyols 0.00  g 0.00  g
0.00 0.50
Fiber 0.00 3.70
Protein 0.00 2.70
Salt 0.00 0.90

Dobre, słodkie

Dobre, słodkie. Połowa malutkiej tableteczki i robi się za słodko. ;) Lekki posmak goryczy, ale do przyzwyczajenia. Polecam.


Świetny zamiennik cukru,.

Pół tabletki wystarcza na to, by w buzi zrobiło się zdecydowanie za słodko! Lekki posmak goryczy, ale do przywyczajenia. Dobry zamiennik cukru, jeśli chcemy coś posypać, np. twarożek można rozbić talbetki łyżeczką. Poleeecam!

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Tagatesse sweetener in tablets with tagatose

Net weight: 32,5g (dispenser 650 tablets)

Ingredients: lactose (milk), 24% tagatose, sucralose (11%), carboxymethylcellulose anti-caking agent, L-leucine, starch

Excessive consumption can have a laxative effect.

Producer: Produced by Damhert NVSA, Kapelstraat 154. B-3550 Heusden-Zolder, Belgium

Storage: Store in a dry place, protected from light. One tablet corresponds to the sweetness of a flat sugar spoon / sugar cubes

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