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Xanthan gum E-415

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A natural, high-fiber material used for thickening food products and reducing their calorie content

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5,60 pln

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Weight net. 100g.; 5,60 pln/100g.

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Xanthan gum (dextran or gum gellan) is a natural vegetable gum from the group of polysaccharides (multi-particulate polysaccharides), rich in fiber and almost without fat.

Xanthan gum is soluble in water, has excellent thickening properties.

The addition of xanthan gum to food reduces its calorific value per unit volume, increases the fiber content and the satiating properties (sense of fullness after a meal). Xanthan gum binds a lot of water and can also be used as a fat substitute - ie as a vegetable thickener and stabilizer.

Xanthan flour is soluble in cold and warm water, milk, sweet and salt liquids and alcohols with a concentration of <20%.

The food products thickened with xanthan have a stable consistency resistant to acid / alkaline reaction (within pH 1-13), temperature and mixing.

Products thickened with xanthan gum can be both heated and frozen.

Application and dosage of xanthan gum

Depending on the chemical properties of the thickened substance and the density you want to get in the finished meal:

  •     Below 0.25 g / kg: fermented milk drinks (buttermilk, kefir, curdled milk)
  •     Less than 2 g / kg: unfermented milk drinks (shake, yogurt, milkshake)
  •     Less than 3 g / kg: dessert, jelly, jelly
  •     Below 5 g / kg: tomato sauce, cottage cheese desserts, cheese, cheesecakes, yoghurt sauces and mayonnaise
  •     Below 6 g / kg: fruit and vegetable sauces and creams, canned vegetables in a marinade, milk desserts
  •     Below 10 g / kg: jams, jellies and marmalades, fruit topping, ice cream, low-fat processed cheese
  •     Below 10 g / kg: a mixture of butter and vegetable fats
  •     Below 12.5 g / kg: low-fat, homogenized cheese
  •     Below 20 g / kg: vegetable pastes
  •     Below 35 g / kg: Salad dressings, low-fat mayonnaise
  •     According to the need: bread, cakes, food additives, desserts, cakes and icing, non-alcoholic and fruit drinks with fruit particles.


Jak po raz pierwszy użyłam gumy ksantanowej, to się zakochałam. Świetnie zagęszcza desery, napoje i w dodatku syci. Żałuje, ze nie kupiłam większego opakowania.

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Bardzo dobra do wypieków

Ostatnio zostałam zmuszona do przejścia na dietę bezglutenową. Od dawna robię w domu bezglutenowy chleb ale dopiero niedawno odkryłam gumę ksantanową. W wielu przepisach na chleb bezglutenowy była wymieniona guma ksantanowa ale uznawałam, że jest zbędna. zw końcu kupiłam i okazało się że wypieki mają lepszą konsystencję i mniej się kruszą. Ta guma ma dobrą cenę i jest w niewielkiej porcji więc jeśli ktoś chce spróbować to może mieć ją za niecałe 6 zł. Można odebrać w magazynie w Warszawie za wysyłkę trzeba niestety trochę dopłacić.

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Xanthan gum E-415

Ingredients: xanthan gum E-41

Net weight: 100g

Country of origin: China.

Allergens: Possible presence of gluten, mustard, nuts, celery, sesame and soy.

Packed in Poland for: Walden Farms K.Warda-Poniecka, Wola Gołkowska

The product is suitable for vegans.

Store in a dry place in a tightly closed container.

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