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USN Trust Crunch Raspberry Cheesecake protein bar

USN (Ultimate Sports Nutrition)


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USN Trust Crunch Raspberry Cheesecake soon

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Weight net. 60g.; 14,03 pln/100g.

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Main flavor:

USN Trust Crunch Raspberry Cheesecake now at!

Powerful crunch, white chocolate, cheesecake and raspberry are a real firecracker, get ready for a cosmic experience, because USN once again proves that good can be even better, the new flavor in the Trust Crunch series is the first fruity and - we're not afraid to say it - probably the best of the whole trust family. How did they do it ?!

Describing the first Trust Crunch bar, well over a year ago, we wrote:

To be honest, USN is not a brand famous for especially exciting products - it is a solid British brand that makes decent nutrients, decent bars and a whole range of other decent supplements for athletes in nice, but fairly predictable flavors.

It is now obsolete. The past year has proved that the first Trust was not an accident at work, because each subsequent bar of the brand not only maintains the level, but even is consistently better than the previous one!

This time we have a fruity ... buuuum! Actually: Cruuunch! So crunch;) The combination of cheesecake, white chocolate and raspberries simply can not disappoint, but it can send you into the depths of taste ecstasy :)

So what exactly are we new? Flaked with sweet coating, two-layered bars, apart from features that are not surprising, but of course enjoyable, i.e. less than 3g of sugar in a bar, as much as 18g of protein, only 216kcal, apart from these parameters, they have something special: mega crunch! Not a crunch there, which you can skip silently and bite on. This is a crunch you will stop at, you will make big eyes, and you will deliberately bite into another bite without believing that crunching can be so perfectly pleasant. And you know what is the best? The fact that mega-giga-crunch is not the only unique feature of this bar. Because ultra crunchiness is accompanied by real lava of a continuous, sweet raspberry mass, which creates a perfect pair with soft caramel. What is important: this is not a raspberry-flavored mass - it is a mass of real raspberries, and this difference translates into a great taste sensation, because we have a real taste of ripe raspberry, with its unique sunny summer aroma and characteristic sour sweetness. As lovers of raspberries, we think that there is nothing worse (well, there are a few things) than the flat, uniformly sweet taste of raspberry - because raspberry is a little sweet, a little acid, and this is what raspberry should be. And is!!

If you are fed up with delight in texture, let us describe the taste of USN Trust Crunch Raspberry Cheesecake in a few words: first of all it is very sweet, if sweets follow you, this bar can cope with sweetness hunger for a long time. However, this is not a flat sweetness that is characteristic of some sugar-free bars - on the contrary, it is deep and multifaceted, comes from a white chocolate coating, delicious cheesecake mass and sweet-sour raspberry mass - each of these layers has its own dimension of sweetness, which is ideally they penetrate to form a harmonious whole. If, of all chocolates, you pretend to be real white chocolate (and those who recognize only dark chocolate are chocolate heretics;)), we will say briefly: try it, you will not be disappointed :)

The new USN Trust Crunch is a new level of healthy snack, we haven't had in our hands (and teeth!) Such a successful combination of perfect consistency, great taste and amazing nutritional values. No compromises, it's great, not just good!

The most important information about USN Trust Crunch bars

  • great taste
  • exceptional texture, a unique combination of crunchy balls and pulling caramel
  • as much as 18g of protein, less than 3g of sugar, only 216kcal
  • intense, natural flavors
Porcja 60 g W 100 g
Energy value
kcal 216.00  kcal 360.00  kcal
Energy value 903.60 1,506.00
Fats, 8.40 14.00
Saturated fats 4.38 7.30
Carbohydrates, 22.80 38.00
sugars 2.46 4.10
polyols 17.40 29.00
Protein 18.00 30.00
Fiber 2.64 4.40
Salt equivalent 0.29 0.49


Moje ukochane batony. Smak i jakosc za te cene? Rewelacja! A smak malinowy, w białej czekoladzie? No poezja. :)


niebo w gębie

Jak widać gusty są różne ale wszystkim smakował. Nie ma co sie powtarzać. Pychota. Jest to moj drugi baton z tej serii i bede próbować innych smaków też bez obawy ryzyka. A co do ceny to prawda że nie są tanie ale jakie zdrowe i smaczne


Całkiem ok,przeczytaj dalej

Baton sam w sobie dobry,bardzo słodki ale za tą cenę myślałam ze będzie bomba.Samo nadzienie super,wyczuwalna malina bardzo dobry smak,co do samego batona to smak nie powala.Nie był zły ale liczyłam na coś lepszego


Bardzo dobry!

Zaciekawiło mnie zdjęcie, a że lubię maliny to wziąłem na spróbowanie. Mega smaczny, nadzienie bardzo malinowe, czekolada równie smaczna. Kuleczki dookoła batonika nie odpadają. Baton bardzo słodki, malina wyczuwalna w każdym kęsie. Polecam!


O taaaak!

Spodziewałam się sztosu i się nie zawiodłam! USN nadal daje radę! Pyszna biała czekolada, warstwa malinowa bardzo udana, lekko kwaskowata dla kontrastu słodyczy. Do tego bardzo dobra warstwa białkowa i chrupki dopełniające całość. Pyszka!!

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USN Trust Crunch Protein Bar Raspberry Cheesecake - crunchy protein bar with a cheesecake flavor, coated with white chocolate and caramel mass with raspberry flavor, contains sweeteners

Net weight: 60g

Ingredients: white chocolate topping (30%) [sweetener (maltitol), cocoa butter, full-fat milk powder, emulsifiers (lecithins)], milk protein, humectant (glycerol), soy protein, water, bulking agent (polydextrose), Soybean Crisps {soy protein, rice meal, soy flour, salt}, sweetener maltittol, maltodextrin, oligofructose, dried raspberry powder (1.7%), natural aroma, cocoa butter, sunflower oil, tapioca starch, citric acid, emulsifiers (lecithins), salt, sweetener (sucralose). Ingestion in excessive amounts may cause a laxative effect.

Allergens: contains milk, soy. May contain gluten, eggs, nuts.

Nutritional values ​​in one bar: energy value 904kJ / 216kcal, fats 8.4g (including saturated fatty acids 4.4g), carbohydrates 23g (including sugars 2.5g, polyols 17g), protein 18g, fiber 2.6g, salt 0.29g .

Nutritional values ​​in 100g: energy value 1506kJ / 360kcal, fats 14g (including saturated fatty acids 7.3g), carbohydrates 38g (including sugars 4.1g, polyols 29g), 30g protein, fiber 4.4g, salt 0.49g.

Producer: Produced for USN UK Seven House, High Street, Longbridge, UK

Distributor: Walden Farms Kornelia Warda-Poniecka, Wola Gołkowska

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